"One Coffee With" by Margaret Maron - A Review

I was never a huge fan of the mystery genre as an adult. As an elementary student, I reveled in the adventures of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, as well as dabbling in the mystery section of the American Girl books. But as I grew into adulthood, mystery, particularly murder mystery, just did not seem to catch my eye. That is, until I discovered the mystery book club at my local library. This is the book we read for this month's meeting, and I must say, I was hanging on every word.

In the chaos of a less-than-upstanding art department in a small college, something dreadful has occurred. Riley Quinn, historian, professor, and egotistical art critic, has died suddenly. No doubt about it, poisoned. The question becomes who could have done it? There is Quinn's exceptionally attractive secretary, who, of course, was always in charge of bringing up coffee for him and the rest of the professors on the floor. Or perhaps it was the janitor, Mike Szabo, who had a quarrel with Quinn about…

Building on Passion

The sunlight filters through lace curtains, illuminating the dark wood of the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves lining the walls. A desk made from the same dark wood sits, nestled in among the shelves, with a large window above it through which can be seen a jade hill topped by an old, gray barn. At this desk, sitting straight backed in her chair, sits a young woman. A cup of tea, quickly growing cold, is settled in her hand. She stares out the window, contemplating her latest adventure.
Welcome... To the library. A place where we go gallivanting off to strange lands, and find ourselves in the most comical of situations, all without leaving the comfort of our armchair. For we, you see, are the Little Women in the Library. Our love, our passion, our greatest joy in life is to read and expand our worlds through imagination and genius. We are driven to discover the people and adventures that lurk on the pages of the novels of this world.
Come with us on these escapades and discover a place fr…